Final Reflection

The world we live in has become a digital world, making it a priority for teachers to incorporate digital technologies in the classroom to promote digital fluency in students. Society is now digitally expectant meaning teachers are expected to be proficient in using technology and therefore teaching it to their students. After using WordPress, Voki and Prezi to create my summations, I have realised the importance of using digital technologies in the classroom as it encourages teachers to learn new skills and also, promotes creativity in students. Teachers can lead by example when using digital tools, showing students how useful and fun they can be.

I have always enjoyed reading blogs but creating one myself seemed daunting and useless. However, creating this blog was an enjoyable activity and encouraged me to think creatively, which I have not needed to do in a long time. I have come to realise the diversity of blogging and the benefits it can bring to the classroom. According to Poth (2016), integrating blogging in lessons helped “resolve the disconnect between the students and herself”. She found encouraging students to use digital tools such as Edmodo “empowered students to take responsibility for their learning” and also gave them an “opportunity to express themselves”. Using blogs also develops critical and analytical thinking, which Martin (n.d.) explains that a blog “provides students with an opportunity to employ language and writing principles that demonstrate analytical thought and comprehension”. Blogging encourages students to think critically and creatively and is a tool that I believe teachers in our century should all try out.

Integrating audio and visual technology into the classroom is important, as children need more than words to fully grasp a concept. Creating audio and visual summations different to creating my written summation, as I had to think about more than just the content. I needed to make sure the information was presented clearly on Prezi, while still having an interesting format. I also needed to use my teacher voice on Soundcloud and this required many practice recordings. However, with the correct use of audio and visual tools, it is an effective teaching and learning platform that sparks creativity in students, providing them with another way of engaging with topics.

Digital technology is crucial in classrooms today as it teaches students to be digitally fluent, a skill that is necessary in society today. Students can create, imagine, play, share and reflect when using technology (Howell, 2012), which is important for development and growth. It is beneficial for teachers to actively seek digital tools and effectively incorporate them into lessons to inspire students to become creative and digitally fluent learners.

List of references

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